About Us

Panda Ndege is a mobile platform that allows travellers to book their flights quickly and efficiently. Panda Ndege’s capability is good for customers and good for the airlines. It works just like having a booking made directly via an airline’s site which processes the requests and retains all of the customer’s details in the airlines database.

Why choose Panda Ndege?


We know you want every detail of your journey available right at your fingertips. With Panda Ndege, we provide you with full access to information without having to call, e-mail, or wait for a travel agent to attend to your needs.

Last-minute bookings

Some people plan trips in advance, make bookings ahead of time, and stick to a strict itinerary. Other people are a bit more spontaneous. If the opportunity to travel suddenly presents itself, they take the chance. This category of people prepares for trips at the last minute. Panda Ndege allows you to search, choose and immediately book a flight on a moment’s notice.

How It Works

We operate by showing customers all the available flight options from our local air travel partners. They can then compare all options & select the best choice & price for the trip, going on to book with the chosen airline.

This way, our local air travel partners own the distribution of the prices, the rate they charge and also the booking & customer data. We don’t favor any airline over another. Our customers are simply directed by market forces & product differentiation.

Our Mission

Help travelers to conveniently book flights in a fast & efficient manner.

Our Vision

To be the choice for anyone considering travel anywhere in the world.

Our Values

1. God

2. Customers

3. Commitment

4. Passion

5. Professionalism

6. Teamwork